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By Ken Briodagh January 30, 2018

A recent IDC FutureScape study noted that 30 percent of major cities in 2018 will put a plan into place a smart cities platform strategy in order to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, intelligent software, sensors, and wireless technology.

In recognition of this trend, Altizon, an industrial IIoT platform company, and Novecom, an environmental monitoring and data management systems provider, have together announced the completion of an integrated smart IoT solution with sensors used to measure noise levels at the recently completed Newcastle 500 Supercar race in New South Wales, Australia. The test application enabled Novecom to publish live sound readings in decibels from the Newcastle 500 Supercars track during the annual motor racing event, held at the Newcastle Street Circuit.

“As an on-point demonstration illustrating the power of smart cities and the industrial IoT, we designed a system with Altizon and placed sensors within a house adjacent to the track. We then gathered that data and made it available in a form that was highly meaningful to end users,” said Jeremy Pola, Managing Director, Novecom. “We measured noise levels and reported them to the community, so they could be more informed about their environment.”

The cars can produce sound levels at above 95 decibels and reaching over 105 decibels for hours at a time during race events. The purpose of the noise measurement was to better understand the attenuation of noise from the outside and inside of nearby businesses and homes during the races. The assessment was modelled to take into account the various environmental realities of the Newcastle 500 precinct and the particular circumstances of every business and home within that area.

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