Advanced Manufacturing - IoT Solutions for Die Casting IndustryThe Die casting industry today suffers from various challenges, such as:

 (1) Overutilization of resources and underutilization of capacity 

(2) Inability to track precise downtime pockets & the reasons associated with downtime 

(3) High energy consumption, particularly for metal furnaces  

(4) Lack of quality tracking system and root cause analysis for deviations 

(5) Stringent norms and labor union pressure for Health & Safety measure and

(6) Significant drop in overall effectiveness and productivity of the plant

With these issues plaguing the die casting manufacturing facilities, the IoT enabled Advanced Manufacturing solutions could prove to be a real game changer.

In view of this, the Solution Delivery team at Altizon and senior industry experts, join hands to provide benchmarking insights and implementation guidelines. Watch this webinar to learn how a global Auto company with multiple die casting plants;  leveraged Altizon’s IoT Platform for a 6% improvement in real time OEE, enabled Condition Based MonitoringPredictive Maintenance and realized a Payback (ROI) within 18 months of implementation.

 Link to Recorded Webinar:  Advanced Manufacturing with IoT – A Game Change for Die Casting Industry |  Download the PPT

Presenters: Veeresh Dharappanavar (Sr. Director Sales, Altizon Systems), Gary Wilson (Renowned Industry expert)