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<h2>Yogesh Kulkarni</h2>

Yogesh Kulkarni

COO, Co-Founder
Operations, Key Initiatives, Solutions

 Co-Founder, COO

Yogesh brings to Altizon 14+ years of product engineering experience in global product firms. Most recently, he was Director, Product Development at BMC  Software for its Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) product, aimed at managing your public and private cloud infrastructure. Through his career he has built several product lines in the store domain for Veritas (acquired by Symantec), Storability(acquired by Storagetek and then by Sun Microsystems) and the server management domain for BladeLogic (acquired by BMC Software). He has also built Engineering teams from the ground-up at Storability and Bladelogic. Yogesh holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from University of Pune and two diplomas in Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Board of Technical Education, Mumbai.

Operations, Key Initiatives, Solutions