Kodiak Instruments, a leading sensor & potentiometer manufacturer in Utah, Salt City joined hands with Altizon to create a tailored IoT solution to provide Oil & gas majors like Wold Energy to provide their stakeholders with real-time insights & alerts on critical metrics like temperature, levels and pump parameters on the remote oil fields enabling increased asset uptime, efficient predictive maintenance & IoT-enabled remote asset monitoring.

Altizon, a pioneer in Industrial Internet of Things today announced that it continued to rapidly expand its partner ecosystem for IoT with a strategic collaboration with Altimetrik. With a rapidly growing portfolio of partners for Datonis, the flagship Industrial IoT Platform of Altizon, that serves over 100 global enterprises, customers can have access to an ever increasing number of partners on both hardware as well as application side to enhance the ROI of their IoT investments and avail cutting edge technologies for their implementations. Customers can now choose from a large number of partners who can help them implement an Industrial IoT solution in record time and at a lower cost.

Altizon announced the launch of an Industry 4.0 experience centre at their Pune office. The centre, powered by Datonis- the Industrial IoT Platform by Altizon, aims to share best practices and know-how about Industry 4.0 with industry and academia. The centre will be leveraged as a platform for fostering innovation for CXOs, Technology experts & Students.

Altizon today launched íProd, an IoT-based product to empower manufacturers to optimize Productivity & OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for adapting Industry 4.0. It aims to provide accurate insights into the productivity and quality of shop floor at workcenter, cell and plant level. The realtime nature of iProd provides alerts on critical metrics like Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Capacity Utilization(CU), and Downtime at various aggregation levels along with very easy to use reporting and visualizations. iProd aims to provide highest business value to management in manufacturing industry by with actionable insights that allow the senior management to take data driven decisions to improve throughput & efficiency.

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