There are opportunities for innovators in every sphere, to use the IoT.

Individuals, solution providers or businesses can find opportunities to enhance their enterprises. It can connect devices, analyze data and develop new ways of providing services. For businesses, it can provide real-time feedback and control, automate data aggregation and run analytics. It can augment your current business model and help you develop new ones. You can offer improved productivity or enable better business models. It can help you better engage with your existing customers.

We at Altizon can work with you as you develop your business. So you can deliver, on your terms, in the way that you want.

Altizon’s Partner Network

Altizon’s Partner Network brings together, a collaboration of IoT solution providers and enablers. Altizon is focused on helping enterprises enhance their Productivity, optimize OEE, and enable IoT-based connected analytics. Using our proprietary Datonis Platform Architecture we can bring together suppliers, service providers and end users like never before. 

Towards this goal, Altizon is actively engaged in partnerships with:

  • Communication Service Providers such as cloud infrastructure architects and multi-service internet gateways to offer end to end IoT solutions.
  • System Integrators including Domain Specialist OEMs and other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who offer expertise in areas like embedded systems, sensor networks, edge devices and proprietary subsystems.
  • Industry Alliances such as trade organizations, SMEs, non-profit academia, as well as manufacturing and other working groups to accelerate the growth of Industrial Internet of Things
Become A Partner
Altizon IoT Solution Partner Acromag
Altizon IoT Solution Partner Beckhoff
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Altizon IoT Solution Drive Center
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Altizon IoT Solution Partner Logicare
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You can select your Partnership Package based on the specific requirements that you have.

Becoming a Value Added Partner gives you access to our entire range of services such as Value-Added services packages for end-to-end project management. These can include integration of IoT systems with existing IT/OT infrastructure, as well as custom application development to control and manage connected systems. Further, 

  • Solution providers can design packages around their customer requirements and 
  • Partners can carry out the direct implementation of hardware such as developing Asset Connectivity, Field Communication, and Gateways. 

The Premium Services packages can include services such as Data analytics and Process Improvements. These can accurately target key areas based on data-driven monitoring of performance and condition parameters. This data can then be used in business consulting to better plan critical decisions.


Altizon’s Special Package offers Partners a range of additional services. We provide you with a dedicated web page, carry out co-marketing, hosting of customer events, and focused training. We also give you priority support for all our services.

Our robust ecosystem lets you start providing these services immediately. It opens up new ways of doing business with the insights gained from data-driven analytics. It enables individuals, solution providers and businesses to offer more in terms of both quantity and quality.